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Chair's Message

January 2018

I want to start with some sensational news as we enter into our new calendar year. We have four (4) new Section Leaders: Michael Niedzwiecki is taking over as Programs Chair; John Gagnon is our new Voice of the Customer (VOC) Chair; Thomas Defelice will be updating our newsletter / meeting announcements as the Newsletter Chair; and James Seitz will be exploring education opportunities as the new Education Chair. Welcome all.

Our other Section Leaders are: Chris Carr (returning Section Chair and Nominations Chair); Paul Alling (returning Treasurer)’ Deb Burke (returning Secretary); Charlie Killam (returning Membership Chair and Database Chair and new Internet Liaison Chair); Rick Cembalisty (returning Audit chair); Alan Choiniere (returning Placement Chair); Dan Manning (returning Arrangements Chair); Jack Meager (returning Recertification Chair and new Granite State Quality Council Representative).

I would like to thank Terri Lemay, Brian Pineault, Chuck Offutt, Pam Slingsby, Kurt Stuke and Jill Powers for their outstanding contribution as Section Leaders.

We are continually looking for others to step up and help us run the section. We do not have a Vice Chair / PAR or a New England Quality Council Representative. Additionally, we would like to have a true ‘Programs Committee’ to help Michael in finding meeting topics that our members would like to hear. Not only will you get to participate in the section's vision and help guide it to success, you will receive recertification units as a section leader. The opportunity to earn these units come in handy every three years!

So … Volunteers are welcome.

March starts off with two exciting meetings. We will be learning more about ISO 17025 on March 7th at the Puritan in Manchester. This will be a presentation of the pros and cons of 3rd party laboratory accreditations. The second March meeting will be joint meeting with the Granite State Quality Council and will be a tour of Velcro on March 29th. Caveat – the section will be receiving a very small number of ‘slots’ for the tour, once the newsletter goes out, RSVP quickly – no early birds.

We are always looking for topics for future meetings. If anyone has a suggestion, or is willing to present / facilitate / arrange a tour of your facility – please let us know.




Chris Carr, CMQ/OE, CQT, PMP


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