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Section Chair's Message – August 2019

I hope everyone is enjoying this great summer weather. This is why New England is so fantastic a place to live - the ocean, the lakes, the mountains, and the clean fresh air.

We changed up our game plan for the summer and had a July meeting. It was a tour and wine tasting / sampling / analysis at the Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown. We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time sampling the many varieties of wine offered during the evening. It was a chance for us to just let our hair down and enjoy the company.

The Section Leadership Team is already planning the upcoming fall meeting schedule and encourages YOUR input and suggestions. If you (or someone you know) would be interested in presenting at a meeting, or providing for a tour of your company, please let us know at

A member recently asked about upcoming certification preparation courses – specifically, the Certified Supplier Quality Professional. Unfortunately, since we don’t have an Education Chair, we have not been able to put much effort in hosting any courses. The Merrimack Valley has been approached and is willing to put together a course provided the enrollment is at least five (5) or more students. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Morin at the Merrimack Valley Section.

We are heading into the ASQ Nomination Period for 2020 Section Leaders. If you are interested in joining the leadership team for 2020 – NOW is the time to let us know. The elected positions are Chair; Chair Elect/Vice Chair; Treasurer; and Secretary. Additionally, Membership Chair, Audit Chair and Nominating Chair are required positions. Without these positions being filled – the Section CAN NOT exist, according the ASQ By-Laws.

A KEY position that MUST be filled this year is Section Chair. Per the By-Laws, this is a no-more-than two year position (without a waiver) and I am on my second waiver (4th year as Chair). It is time for someone else to move into this position. If you are currently a supervisor or manager, or have experience, you already have the skills needed to help guide this section to success in 2020.

Remember – this is a VOLUNTEER organization.




Chris Carr, CMQ/OE, CQT, PMP




The following Election of Officers and Chair Appointments for 2019 are listed below. In accordance with ASQ Policy S 02.00, Section 4.6.2 Election of Officers, “If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, the nominee will be declared elected by acclamation”. Since there was only one candidate for each election, the Secretary cast one ballot.



SLT Position

2019 NAME


Chair - Elected

Christopher Carr


Treasurer - Elected

Alan Choiniere


Secretary – Elected

Deborah Burke


Auditing Chair - Appointed

Rick Cembalisty until the Feb Audit


Nominating Committee Chair – Appointed

Paul Alling


Membership Chair – Appointed

Charlie Killam III


Database Chair – Appointed

Charlie Killam III


Internet Liaison – Appointed

Charlie Killam III


Placement Chair - Appointed

Alan Choiniere


Programs Chair – Appointed

Theresa McCarthy


Arrangements Chair – Appointed

Brittany Crocco


Newsletter Editor - Appointed

Christopher Carr


Granite State Quality Council – Appointed

Christopher Carr


North East Quality Council - Appointed

Christopher Carr


I would like to welcome Theresa McCarthy and Brittany Crocco to our Leadership Team. We look forward to their new ideas and fresh input.


Now the bad news.

We are still having difficulties recruiting volunteers to serve as member leaders. I was allowed to serve an additional year as Chair as we did not have any volunteers for this position.

Family and work commitments are justifiably higher priorities and I appreciate all the work our departing leaders have done for our section. They will be missed. 

Our section can not provide the level of service that we would like to provide to our members without YOUR support. A seven (7) person Leadership Team is simply not feasible for the long term as you can see three (3) of us are wearing multiple hats.   


If you would like to see our Section continue beyond 2019, please step up and help us. Contact me at

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