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Chair's Message

Hello Granite Staters,


We welcome to Beth Isham, our 2021 secretary, and Elizabeth Diharce, our 2021 chair. Sébastien Marin will take on the treasurer role next year. Chris Carr will be the Audit Chair, but we will plan to work to fill that position with new blood from the general membership if possible, I will be the Membership Chair, and Paul Alling will remain the Nominating Chair.

With the aim of better engagement with our membership, our early goals for next year will be to plan an online presentation walking through how to navigate myASQ and set up communication preferences to receive notifications, and then to initiate a mail campaign to let our membership know about the upcoming presentation, which will also be posted and advertised electronically. Finally, we will aim to compile details regarding upcoming professional development opportunities offered by other sections as well as our own and distribute this on a regular basis throughout the year to our members.

Thank you again, I'm looking forward to 2021 with some new leaders at the helm!


Brittany Crocco


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