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The Section Chair's Message - 2016

To the membership -


I want to wish everyone a very Happy and safe Holiday and I hope you get to spend some 'quality' time with your loved ones.


We have some exciting meetings planned for 2017 and I want to encourage everyone to attend this year.   We average about 30 attendees per meeting, which is only about 10% of our membership.  Remember - this is a great opportunity to acquire recertification points.   You don't need to stay for dinner as you may choose to attend only for the networking and meeting, although we would like you to stay and continue with your networking and meeting new friends.


January 12th we will learn about Causal Loop Diagrams in Quality; February 2nd will feature a Joint Meeting with the Merrimack Valley (MA) section and we will be discussing Lean Process Improvement in Government; March 7th will bring back SPC (near and dear to all of us), while April 18th is dedicated to Software Validation in a Regulated Industry.  I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to either learn something new, or refresh your skills.


Once again, I am seeking help from our members who have the desire to become more actively involved in the section planning and execution.  We have many opportunities for our members to become a section leader by joining the SLT; or if you can't become an SLT member, perhaps you can become involved by identifying potential meeting speakers, location or topics.


We are in desperate need of a Program's Team (Chair and assistants) so the we can continue to provide the caliber of meetings we are used to.  Not only will you get to participate in the section's vision and help guide it to success, you will receive recertification units as a section leader.  The opportunity to earn these units come in handy every three years! 


Your ASQ section leadership team is here to create value for you. Let us know what you need - and become part of the TEAM.


Chris Carr, CMQ/OE, CQT



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