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NOMINATIONS for Section leadership team

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2018 Calendar Year




Nominations for the 2018 SLT (Section Leadership Team) Officers are now being accepted. Join the Granite State Section SLT! 

The nomination form is provided above.


The offices open for nomination include:

  •          Section Chair
  •          Section Vice Chair

Information on the positions is provided here.


Nominees must be willing to serve a two year term for Section Chair or a one year term for Vice Chair (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) and attend SLT Committee meetings (held every other month, or as called by the Chair) as well as Monthly Dinner meetings.


All Nominees must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member in good standing affiliated with the section.


Nominees for Section Chair will preferably have served as chair-elect or vice chair in the year immediately preceding the term as chair.

  • Nominations must be submitted to the Nominating Chair no later than 05 September 2017. A petition form can be downloaded above.
  • Eligible candidates for office will be announced at the November Member Meeting.
  • If there are multiple candidates for any position an election will be required.  Voting will occur Sept. 16 - Oct. 31
  • In addition to the above elected positions there are several non-elected positions available on the SLT.
    • Programs Chair
    • Education Chair
    • Granite State Council Representative
    • Internet Liason
    • NE Quality Council Representative
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Historian
    • Certification Chair
    • Recertification Chair
  • If you have any questions regarding qualifications for the above positions, would like a copy of the position requirements or information about the election process, you can contact the Pam Slingsby, Nominating Chair at

Annual Nomination and Election Process


From S 2.00 Section Maintenance:

4.6        Election of Officers

4.6.1     The section chair, with the approval of the Leadership Committee, will appoint the members of the section nominating committee. This committee will call for nominations from the general section membership at least 30 days in advance of the presentation of their nominees. The nominating committee will nominate, at a minimum, one eligible candidate for each elected position. Nominations from the general section membership will require the submission of a nomination petition to the section secretary prior to the date published. The minimum number of required petition signatures from Regular Members varies based on section size, and is the lower of at least four percent of Regular section members (based on the previous year’s June section membership) or 10 members.


4.6.2     If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, the nominee will be declared elected by acclamation at the next regular meeting of this section. Any contested positions will be resolved through an election. Such election will be conducted in the manner deemed appropriate by the Leadership Committee (i.e., by regular mail, electronic mail, by ballot at a section meeting, etc.). The nominee with a plurality of the votes of the members will be declared elected. Elections must be held no later than a date that is certain to meet the requirements specified in the Society Policies.

The process applies to elected officers only. The section is required to elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. A Chair-elect and/or Vice Chair are elected positions, if section policy includes them. Section committee chairs are appointed by the Chair.


All section terms are 01 Jan – 31 Dec annually.


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