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Granite State Section Recertification Chair

Jack Meagher

40 Freedom Trail
Orleans, MA  02653


Recertification by RU credits requires a review of your recertification journal by Mr. Meagher, Section Recertification Chair. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a review of your application. In order to allow adequate time for review, please submit your recertification journal at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your current certification. You can submit your documentation in electronic format and /or hard copy.


You may submit recertification journal packets up to six months before or after your certification expiration date (The six months after your expiration date is a "grace period," so that you can collect your documentation and submit your journal packet along with payment). Credits collected after your expiration date will apply toward your next recertification cycle. ASQ returns any journals submitted before the six-month period.


If you have any questions regarding recertification please contact Mr. Meagher by phone or email. Additionally, the National Recertification Coordinator Lisa Valle can be contacted for additional information:


Lisa Valle

Recertification Coordinator


600 N Plankinton Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53203

800.248.1946 (toll free) Ext 7484

T:414.298.8789 (direct) Ext 7484#

F:414.298.2500 Fax


Recertification information is also available at the ASQ website:

Download the Recertification Journal

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