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Welcome to the American Society for Quality in New Hampshire   

Section Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the primary source for information and education in the Quality Sciences in the state of New Hampshire.

Congratulations to the newly elected and assigned Section Leaders!

SLT Position

Leader / Volunteer


Elizabeth Diharce


Sébastien Marin


Beth Isham

Audit Chair

Christopher Carr

Nominating Chair

Paul Alling

Membership Chair

Brittany Crocco

Database Chair & Internet Liaison

Charlie Killam

Newsletter Editor

Christopher Carr

Education Chair

Bob Young

Vice Chair

Daniel Sarapin

VoC Chair

Scott Neal

Arrangements Chair


Programs Chair


Placements Chair


Upcoming Member's Meetings

  • 2020 ... meeting

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If you are interested in assisting the section as a leader or volunteer, mention this in your email to ASQ Section 0104. Thank you.

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