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Welcome to the American Society for Quality in New Hampshire   

Section Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the primary source for information and education in the Quality Sciences in the state of New Hampshire.

Upcoming Member's Meeting

Please meet the 2022 Section Leadership Team. Notice all the openings and are thinking of volunteering. Now is your chance.

Hello ASQ Section 104 Members!

As you know ASQ Member Leaders are elected every year. We are seeking
nominations for the following elected positions, for the term beginning January 1, 2023:

  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

    ASQ requires each section to have these positions filled to keep our chapter operating. We have relied on a core volunteer group for many years now, but the time has come for some new blood to join our ranks. Please consider serving in one of the elected or appointed positions. While volunteering always consumes some of your valuable time, these positions are widely recognized and highly regarded by the members of ASQ and employers. They look good on your resume! Additionally, Member Leaders receive Recertification Units for their service.

    The harsh reality is if we can not fill these elected offices our section may be dissolved by ASQ! We will have to join a section in a neighboring state. If you feel you can help, please contact Bob Young at

    Please submit your nominations by September 30. Elections will take place later in November. In addition, we have other volunteer positions available, including the following:

  • Nomination Chair

  • Education Chair

  • Membership Chair

  • Program Chair

  • Arrangements Chair.
    For descriptions of these offices go to

    Thank You for Your Membership, Bob Young
    Nominating Chair

SLT Position Leader / Volunteer

Sébastien Marin

Treasurer Charlie Killam
Secretary open
Audit Chair Chris Carr
Database Chair & Intenet Liaison Charlie Killam
Education Chair Bob Young
Membership Chair Charlie Killam
Newsletter Editor Chris Carr
Arrangements Chair open
Nominations Chair open
PAR/PEP open
Placements Chair open
Programs Chair open
Vice Chair open
Voice of the Customer Chair open

Your Section's Highlights

  • If you want to contact one of your Section Leadership Team, select the Section Leadership button above.

  • Section Leadership Team is searching for volunteers. Please read the Nominations Notice.

  • See the Career Services if you are considering a career move.


Please contact us with your experience of our communications.

If you are interested in assisting the section as a leader or volunteer, mention this in your email to ASQ Section 0104. Thank you.

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