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Chair's Message

Hello Granite Stater,


It is a pleasure to be the Chair-Elect of the Granite State Section. I have been involved with ASQ for many years and have previously been a member of the Granite State Senior Leadership Team, SLT.

The section, and other professional societies, have been through rough times due to COVID-19. It is now building back and I’m glad to participate in the work. My theme is relevance through communication, activities for the members, and support of the quality profession. The communication channels include the section website, the section discussion list on myASQ, and a periodic newsletter such as this one. The activities portion includes both membership meetings and webinars. New Hampshire is geographically large, which makes attending the traditional dinner meeting difficult. However, holding some section meetings online can help. Relevance also means professional development enhancing quality skills. To the extent possible, we will link the activities to some of the ASQ certification’s Body of Knowledge. This will help members acquire new knowledge and maintain current skills.


Dan O’Leary CMDA, CQA, CQE, CRE, and CSSBB




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